Thursday, September 06, 2007

To Reach Today's Shoppers, Add Value

Give to Get: Motivating Consumers Where and When They Make Purchases Is More Critical Than Ever

According to the writers of this article in Ad Age, Nowhere is the need for shopper's ROI more important than in retail environments, where an estimated 80% of all purchase decisions are made. 80%! THAT'S BECAUSE THE MANUFACTURER'S POSITIONING STRATEGY SUCKS. So consumers don't go into stores to purchase predetermined brands!
How many times has this article run in the last 45 years? Over and over again we hear the importance of hitting consumers where they buy. Why all the focus on integrated marketing crutches? The nuts and bolts sales support efforts? Speed is expensive. Better positioning your product is the highest octane fuel. The question is, "How fast do you want to go?" The reality barrier (like a sound barrier) is that less than a handful of people on the entire planet know how to build a better product-based positioning strategy - and they're NOT working for you, or Coca-Cola. Christ! Coke can't even figure out how to stem carbonated beverage's slide!
Reading this kind of stuff in Ad Age year after year by each new generation of marketing expert is like watching the countless remakes of Cary Grant's Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, remade as Tom Hank's The Money Pit - which by the way is what POP marketing is unless you have a better positioning strategy. All you're buying is artificial life support to prop up a weak parity product positioning that isn't all it can be.
This is just a self-promoting piece by two DraftFCB renamed DaftFCB "experts". The examples they reference and the motivators are just scraping the tip of the iceberg regarding what motivates people about products. The CONVENIENCE, SMILE, EMPATHY and EXPERIENCE they espouse are all cost of entry taken for granted parameters, not the big deal closers. I can show you 100 more for free that are way more meaningful.

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