Sunday, September 09, 2007

Obituary for Coke BlāK

I cut my teeth in marketing developing new products for Coca-Cola. My first assignment was to "identify future consumption drivers in soft drinks." Even became acquainted with McCann-Erickson Chairman John Dooner. At this time he was an assistant account executive on Sprite at Marshalk.

Expanding the brand's footprint is what Coca-Cola wanted to do, but in terms of identfying future consumption drivers, no consumer ever asked for Coke Blak. Coke offered a solution looking for a problem. Bites a manufacturer in the behind every time. Like Miller offering dry beer. Dry beer's promise, less beer aftertaste. Ever meet a heavy Bud drinker with a problem with the aftertaste of beer. Another solution seeking a problem. A double caf blast...half life=12 months. Starbucks tried the same thing with Pepsi seven years ago. Didn't work either.

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Olivier Blanchard said...

It would have worked if the price-point hadn't been so ridiculous. The rpice of one tiny bottle was so high that I didn't even feel it was worth it to try it.