Monday, September 10, 2007

Chrysler Chief Sees Link of Housing to Car Sales

Excuses are all too easy for Bob. Blaming car quality is all to easy for us. In reality, Chrysler's problem is that they are trying to sell today and tomorrow's cars with yesterday's positioning strategies. Bob's position just lets everyone, including execs at the company and their ad agencies off the hook all too easily. Bob talks about "right-sizing" the business. BS. That just gives him an out and lets him set the high water mark wherever he wants to. The guys in the picture don't seem to be buying it either. In Detroit, or any category, speed is expensive, positioning is the highest octane fuel, how fast do you want to go? In all of these years Chrysler has never done the qualitative homework to look at abstract dimensions to find out what really motivates people about its products. Here's what the New York Times had to say.

DETROIT, Sept. 7 — Only a month after taking charge of Chrysler, Robert L. Nardelli is concerned that problems in the housing market and the broader economy are hurting car and truck sales, and he wants his company to draft a plan to respond. Click on the post title to follow the link to the article.

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