Monday, September 10, 2007

Tell Clients to Stick It, Then Watch as New Biz Floods In

Who knew publicly telling a client to perform an anatomically impossible act on your way out the door could be so good for business?

Cramer-Krasselt resigned the business as soon as CareerBuilder cited the weaker Super Bowl ads as grounds for calling an agency review, and Mr. Krivkovich said he was told that the unscientific Ad Meter poll was the sole reason for the decision.

In sales, telling a customer or potential customer to stick it is called "Indifference". It is one of the four factors of impulse under the anachronym FIGS (fear of loss, indifference, greed and sense of urgency) salesmen use to get people to say "Yes." It works like a Jedi mind trick. Imagine you're in a bar with your buddies eyeing the ladies. What's more attractive to the ladies, creeps in a group staring at them, or a bunch of guys off in a corner having their own fun and paying no attention to the ladies at all? The ladies will not pick the creeps.

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