Wednesday, September 19, 2007

May I Suggest That Blogger Sucks?

In America we've come to expect a certain level of customer service, and when there's a problem, some sense of rather instant gratification. So it comes as a suprise when I, who thinks of himself as a rather forgiving person, have a problem and absolutely no way on Earth to contact someone at Blogger, host of this blog, for help. By the way, did I say they're owned by Google, so they have the money. But they'd rather have you slog through support groups no one attends and no one answers looking for help no one provides. I even contacted Microsoft because my problem resides with internet explorer. Every time I go/come to by blog I get a message that reads:

Internet explorer can not open the page Operation aborted. Then you get that white Page not found page.

In support groups I've found that many "bloggers" are having this problem and to much avail, they too have found no answer or support. Microsoft's IE experts spent the day with me, I had a constant intercom conversation going in the background, and they have resolved that the problem resides in Blogger's servers.

Can anyone help?


George Parker said...

I've never had a problem with Typepad with both AdScam and AdHurl. Good products, great service. Check them out.
You give good blog.

Anonymous said...

Come over to Wordpress. It´s nice here!


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Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence here because Blogger been berry berry good for me, and free. But there are some layout things I'd like to do with it that Wordpress/Typepad can do. Blogger now allows you to keep whatever domain you have with them but run your own app like a Typepad. I may do it just so I don't lose audience in the name switch.

H. Martin Calle said...

By the way Bill, I reinstalled the technorati widget this evening so the technorati people could take a look at my IE and 403 Forbidden problems. Other than that, when I strip all the technorati widgets from my blog, all the problems disappear instantly, though my AdAge Power 150 Marketing Blog Rankings do tumble. One wonders how much they were retarded WITH my technorati rankings. Darn think never does reflect accurate link counts.