Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Search Satisfaction" strikes 9 out of 10 marketers

Are you a victim of SEARCH SATISFACTION. Some years ago Miller Brewing was looking for a new brand idea and stopped searching when they found emerging Japanese dry beers - beers with less beer aftertaste. Have you ever met a heavy beer drinker with a problem with beer's aftertaste. Miller was chasing a solution looking for a problem. I led them to launch Cold-filtered Miller Genuine Draft instead, arguably their most popular brand today.

A marketer in your company for example is LOOKING FOR a solution to a problem. And when they find one they feel comfortable with, they look no further. Search satisfaction also aflicts doctors, who when diagnosing problems, stop when they think they have the right answer. Looking no further, they later find they are wrong an uncomfortably higher number of times than you and I would like to admit.

My specialty is positioning brands. I have hit a good many home runs. I have found that brands are like ten speed bikes. They have many gears they never use because search satisfaction stops marketers from doing more homework. There was a Renaissance Period in marketing. People did more digging then. Now we just shoot at commodities from the hip. My grandfather had a farm. My dad had a garden. I have a can opener. So my grandfather was much better at raising brands. Today’s CEOs just jettison brands, managers and agencies - like goals - people abandon their dreams when the price gets too high - when a little homework would have turned that flat C student back into a polished A. Another way to look at this is a way to turn mature earnings businesses back into rapid growth companies or how to reverse the effects of mature product lifecycles. I’d like to trade blogroll links. Can you toss one in my hat? Is that possible?

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