Thursday, September 06, 2007

CMO Strategy: Companies Must Lift the Velvet Curtain

Management Can't Function Independent of Marketing

Wow! This bashing marketers for not having good positioning strategies is becoming a theme!

Face it. Chrysler, like many other manufacturer's, have yet to figure out what truly motivates consumers about its products. If they had, they wouldn't have yo-yo sales trends, and they wouldn't jettison brands, managements and advertising agencies. In the last 50 years, all I've seen is a proliferation of integrated marketing support devices employed which obfuscate the fact that they still have not figured out how to position products to consumers. So these guys are going to continue to sell tomorrow's cars with yesterday's positioning strategies. When are all these guys going to get tired of being the chum for the churn?

If marketing can ever figure out how to get them, let Chrysler manufacturing figure out how to keep them. THAT'S INTEGRATED THINKING THAT BINDS MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING.

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