Friday, January 04, 2008

Presidential Candidate Make Overs

With the 2008 Iowa caucus behind us it's obvious some candidates require an extreme makeover. Why? Because it is ashame that one would lose the election simply by sticking to the wrong positioning strategy.

For example, by sticking to a "competency" strategy, Hillary Clinton placed third. Why? Because no one believes any politician is "competent." The premise is not believable. Additionally, her post caucus speech was a disaster. Every person behind her on the podium looked like a geek and the lighting and colors were dead and washed out. Very poor, not vibrant or inspiring production values. Her mom looked like a troll and husband Bill just stood there with his mouth gaping open. She needs to find a better stage manager and a positioning "selling dimension" more resonant with voters. She needs to move to "self-sufficiency" if she's going to keep saying, "I, I, I" and move away from Bill and Politics to let the Hillary come through.

McCain just needs an extreme makeover. Sure the guy's competent, but the look is uninspiring. Grey hair, bad teeth, bad makeup, beady eyes and ill-fitting Jos E. Banks suits make him seem distant and not presedential. Get the grecian formula going a la Jay Leno (some grey adds distiction), dark earth tone mock turtle necks and leather jackets would place him more in the credible realm of fatherly FDR and Tiger Woods authenticity - a winner. Voice coaching to get the voice down and too speak more slowly - as if every word required more thought rather than seeming as if he's too ready (hence not trustworthy) with the answers.

And of course we have George Bush to thank for enabling almost anyone who speaks well in public, like Barack Obama, to gain our confidence. He's just good to listen to. I keep listening for him to slip into some Jesse Jackson over-pronounciations, but he always falls back just in time to keep it all Bryant Gumble correct with the slightest investment of Dr. Martin Luther King's passions - gotta keep it mainstream folks. He's as magnetic as Kennedy and I hope no one takes a shot at him. His post caucus staging was flawless compared to Hillary Clinton's. Close ups were good. Production values and staging were bright and the people behind him on the stage were bright, Chuck Norris no less. He's got the guys at Industrial Light and Magic in his corner for sure.

Huckabee just needs to keep up that genuine Arnold Palmer schtick. Less wife and living in a trailer stories though. Put a little Regan pizzazz in the punch. Be seen with the Trump.

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