Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How to Cure 2007's Brand Hangover

No. The basics are not the most important marketing trend to pursue in 2008. Sticking to “the basics” is why McKinsey & Company reports that “despite solid balance sheets and healthy bottom lines the consumer packaged goods industry has lost much of its glow and executives within wonder where their growth will come from.”

Being “esoteric” is the most important trend to watch in 2008 according to Martin Calle, Chief Economic Strategist for new product and product positioning expert Calle & Company. “You have to get lost to find things that don’t want to be found - such as meaningful consumer insights that can turn mature earnings businesses back into rapid growth companies.” “Abstract Dimensioning is the thought and idea leadership process that can lead you to and sustain double and triple digit growth in mature commodity categories,” according to Martin Calle.

The definition of insanity in 2008 would be to continue doing the things you did, or planned to do in 2007 and expect different results.

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