Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Tag Line or Sound Bite of the Day

Barak Obama on Hillary Clinton in an ad supporting his run in the South Carolina Primary.

"Hillary Clinton. She'll say anything and change nothing."

And isn't that the truth with politicians? They are chameleons. They've shaken enough hands to be able to mirror and relate to anyone - like door-to-door salesmen. They are sales people. They tell you what you want to hear. Or say nothing at all while making you laugh because they know that if they can get you to smile they're halfway to making a close. No one buys anything when they are not in a good mood. But Hillary wants to be President too much. She has lost the indifference that is a component of trustworthy character. There is to much "I" in her pitch which means she will find it difficult down the road to build relationships and consider others in her deliberations. That is not a leader. Read John Maxwell, Chapter on Leadership entitled "The Law of EF Hutton" on how to determine who the real leaders are in any group.

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