Monday, January 28, 2008

Calle & Company launches new smoking cessation plan.

Are you interested in quitting smoking? Forget all the patches. Forget all the plans. Quit smoking the way I quit smoking. Go out and try to run a quarter mile. You'll cough up a lung and "the burn" in your chest will certainly convince you that you are doing something you need to quit.

Obese? Stop suing people like McDonald's. The truth is, Americans simply no longer labor manually. Go out with a shovel and start shoveling sand, or digging holes. I found that several weekends of over turning 12 inches of earth in every garden in my yard not only stimulated a healthy appetite for "good food," it trimmed inches from my waistline, added strength and muscle definition and I slept a lot better at night too. A good physical workout cleared the mind and helped melt away worries and put them in perspective.

You have the power. Stop blaming other peole and stop looking for excuses. Get a checkup with your doctor and get to work.

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Anonymous said...

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