Friday, October 19, 2007

Knowledge Takes 25 Years To Reach Procter & Gamble CMO Jim Stengel's Brain

For P&G, Success Lies in More Than Merely a Drier Diaper

Procter & Gamble Global Marketing Officer Jim Stengel talked about consumers, creativity and CMO tenure in an interview in a recent Strategy & Business Reader from Booz Allen Hamilton titled "CMO Thought Leaders: The Rise of the Strategic Marketer." You can access more of his thoughts here ... But here's what I have to say ...

Well Jim, Thanks for hitting the nail on the head...again. Back in 1980 - 1982 Calle & Company was proud to be the very first new product and product positioning company to let Pampers and Procter & Gamble know that disposable diapers didn't just stand for dryness. By pioneering and repositioning Pampers as "Pampers Phases Developmental Diapers" in the very early 1980's we introduced size five to hour glass shaped disposables and convinced moms that being a toddler was just another "phase" in the "development" of a newborn or infant. And that was just the beginning of extending the brand's equity, arresting over $1 billion in toddler migration to Kimberly-Clark Pull-Ups that year. What we found curious was that by the end of the 80's P&G had dumped the initiative, or sent it into hibernation, until recently, apparently rediscovered again.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Herr Stengel and his new LLC- he seems to be taking quite a few pages from the OBAMA SONGBOOK, and making rather a manic run at self-branding.

Have a look at his website, and you too can discover for yourself how many different pairs of glasses and sport shirts he owns. I've seen modeling portfolios with less photos of one's self.

He's quite a little pre-pack of poise and robotic earnestness - and just a wee bit frightening... which means, of course, that he'll do smashingly in his new ad-venture. Although, traversing from the ass kissed to the kisser, he may find rather jarring.