Friday, October 05, 2007

The War on Market Research

Qualitative research results indicate the cat is sleeping. Qualitative research results indicate that this is not a cat. It is a chair. Whose perception is correct?

Let's not forget that market research is not a substitute for business creativity. No matter how sophisticated the process, the intent of all "research" is to enable people who don't know something to find out things other people currently do. This gathering and measuring of data is not a substitute for business creativity. You can not "measure" your way to success. It's simply easier to measure what is rather than create or measure what isn't.


Anonymous said...

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Mr_B said...

You say you cannot measure your way to success,that may be true, but you can create a disaster making a critical business plan, blindly, that is, without MR.

How do you know your market?? Who is your market?? Who gonna buy this brilliant creative product you bought?? Is your imagination gonna pay the bills because you didn't market test your product to find out people don't like that color combination in the region you want to sell in.

If I hear someone in the real world talk this nonsense, you'll need a radar gun to tell how fast I'm out of there.