Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bob Eckert Vs.Isaac Larian - Head to Head Doll War Combat - Watch the video

A tale of two men who can't solve their differences with business creativity or strategy - so they resort to expensive and time consuming legal pursuits. Bob knows he plaigerized the Bratz - another classic case of one CEO's lack of business creativity; an inability to create his own multi-billion dollar brand from scratch, or identify the trend to take Barbie, the Bratz or the category the next step - oh DRATZ - no just in time licensing opportunity on the horizon! So what's beyond Barbie and Bratz? That's what the right CEO should ask. Like Coca-Cola asking me to identify future consumption drivers in soft drinks. But right now, let's just watch two linear thinking bullies slug it out in court to the delight of lawyers everywhere. So why doesn't Mattel just buy the Bratz? A little public controversy around the holidays is good for both businesses. Media dupped again! Patsies in the doll wars. Thanks for playing our game!

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