Friday, December 01, 2006

The General Motors - Kerkorian Break Up

Without antagonist Kirk Kerkorian, GM will once again begin to feel good about itself. Lifting its foot from the gas pedal, GM's stock will continue to decline after a brief rise. Look for Kerkorian to reemerge with other investors including founder/executive types Warren Buffett and Sumner Redstone to force out top brass and replace with a more agile today, not tomorrow team. GM has had access to the top strategic and creative resources on the planet. Following the organizational and management mandates of gurus such as Drucker, it still takes GM five days just to acknowledge receipt of a letter to top dog Rick Wagoner while top dogs at more successful companies answer their own phones. Wagoner, and GM were recently shunned by lesser but more balanced companies such as Renault with whom alliances were sought.

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