Friday, December 28, 2007

The 5 Irrefutable Laws of Thought and New Product Leadership

1) There must be a compulsion to make you a better you.

You can find plenty of smart, talented, successful people who are able to take their business only so far because of the limitations of their leadership and vision.

2) A realization

That to trade on a product’s recognized cost-of-entry product feature, function, benefit and price are the category’s least differentiating lowest common and commodity denominators.

3) Stop asking questions

Manufacturers, market researchers, data collection and measurement professionals most arrest business development. Each, their agencies and consultants rush to ask questions, thirsting with a desire be seen as the smartest person in the room. Yet McKinsey & Company will tell you that despite solid balance sheets and healthy bottom lines the consumer products industry has lost its glow and executives wonder where growth will come from. So of what benefit were the millions of questions asked of and about consumers and customers this year?

4) Get procactive.

Any attorney will tell you that you cannot ask a question you do not already know the answer to. You may have found that when you ask questions you don’t get the voice of the consumer – you get the voice of the inquirer through the question being asked – a form of bias that will lead you astray and toward commodity status.

5) Resurrection

Employ processes that go beyond your questions. Calle Company's Abstract Dimensioning® process stimulates consumer minds with hundreds of proactive, comprehensive Product Dimensions® that cause people to think and to say things previously unconsidered that drastically expand your brand and your brand equity's Viability Envelop®.

Calle & Company's ASSAYS® are innovative consumer-creative invention circles not based on asking questions. ASSAYS provide your consumer groups with hundreds of incredibly comprehensive, highly consumer-creative and appealing product-based thought-leadership selling solutions instead. (You may call them data or touch-points instead) Taking yourself and the yoke of your company's belief systems out of the loop - clean sheets of paper are the order of the day here. You become the blank slate on which consumers create, invent and indelibly etch their new impressions and perceptions. By removing everyone but the consumer from the creation-loop, Assays® provide massive foresight enabling you to articulate what consumers really want before normal humans, or anyone else can articulate the need. Assays are perfect for new product, launch strategy and reinvention planning.

“Ask US no questions and we’ll tell you no lies.”

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