Thursday, May 31, 2007

Disruptive Technology

It is said that trends take 20 years to reach the midwest once started on the east or west coast. It is also said that teachers take simple things and make them complex, while communicators take complex things and make them simple. When I arrived as an undergradute scholarship track athlete at Indiana University in 1973 from Greenwich, Connecticut I was wearing cuffed khaki pants. Everyone on campus asked me where I got them and why was I wearing them. The polyester stretch Levi cord bellbottom culture had never seen baggie khaki pants before. It has taken Harvard Business School's Professors Clayton Christensen and YoungMe Moon (Disruptive Technology and Reverse/Stealth/Breakaway Positioning respectively) 25 years to discover the concepts and respin the disruptive Abstract Dimensioning (tm) and and Multi-Dimensional Creativity (tm) practices that fueled Procter & Gamble's consumer information, innovation and invention for the past quarter century. How about some homage to us? Thank you.

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