Sunday, May 27, 2007

Calle Company: Miller High Life Goes To Saatchi Saatchi

Calle Company and Miller Brewing teamed to develop Cold-filtered Miller Genuine Draft - arguably Miller's most popular brand. No one at agency or client level has developed as popular a brand or strategy since. Here again it sounds like someone on Madison Avenue threw a dart at the strategy telephone book and got lucky. The agency CEO says "OK, now we've got 'something' that works so we're going to expand it." Clinging to the account for the perilous ride, I'd have trouble sleeping at night not knowing how to find an even better strategy. But there are at least 500 ways to better position the brand found by utilizing the disruptive information creation techniques we've proven at Miller, Procter Gamble Pepsi and Frito-Lay. By the way, never used "LIFE is my favorite beverage" outscored every other tested strategy for intent to purchase via BASES when developed by Calle Company for the brand at the same time we developed MGD. Cavemen averting extinction by having a brainstorm insight on how they'd divert an asteroid heading toward earth won thunderous applause. This is one execution in a series as to how LIFE disrupted Budweiser and became everyone's favorite beverage.

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