Friday, April 27, 2007

Disruptive Data Technology

Disruptive Data Technology ®
How to succeed without asking consumers any questions.

Disruptive Data Technology ® is a proprietary data-creation tool exclusive to Calle & Company. The revolutionary data-creation process stimulates consumer minds with over 10,000 Product Potentials®, eliminating the pitfalls and poor traditions of question-based marketing. This proven system of invention, innovation, and information makes companies more valuable by generating proprietary marketing intelligence that can help you launch more successful new products and brands and get a foothold in new markets when tackling and toppling market leaders. Project owners charged with creating sustaining innovations profit from new not commoditized data, a distinct advantage over a company’s normal diet of day-old data-salad. Do you like to feel the thrill of insight when a solution that had eluded you, or straightforward problem solving suddenly becomes obvious? Here are many other good reasons why top companies employ exclusive Disruptive Data Technology.

· Jump Start! The process exposes target audience consumers to over 10,000 Product Potentials®. It gives everyone so much more to talk about than what they already know.
· Confidence! More CEOs are satisfied with their innovation ROI.
· Proven! By 100 companies including P&G, J&J, Pepsi and Frito-Lay.
· Experience! It takes less time to learn everything for the first time.
· Effective! Pound for pound marketing solutions deliver more-bang for the buck.
· Excitement! The process releases right-brain top-line creative and strategic endorphins.
· Collaborate! The process quickly builds conviction and consensus with everyone on the same page.
· Enthusiasm! We reveal deeply hidden, never before seen product features, functions, benefits and category attributes.
· Resurrection! DDT® turns poor concepts, bad ideas and line extensions into mega-marvels.
· Clean Sweep! DDT® is a proven clutter buster and differentiator for advertising and positioning strategists.
· Communicate! Americans fear public speaking. Exclusive Consumer-Creative® materials ensure everyone’s 100% participation.
· Work Out! The process exercises creative muscles that otherwise get flabby.
· Accountability! By asking consumers no questions they can tell you no lies.
· Level the Playing Field! The process eliminates focus group leaders who try to impress by pretending to be smart.
· Culturally-Influential® Insights! Reach far beyond linear trend, brand map, laddering, needs segmentation and agency reviews.
· Integrity! Consumers create. Someone else does not do the work or thinking for them.
· Awe! Answers are so obvious they’re not obvious. Solutions are abstract and more engaging, not forced or contrived.
· Freshness! DDT puts you a day ahead of consumers, not a day behind. In-Market solutions stay fresher longer.
· Allegiance! Consumers will not surf past ads as if they were 10 years old before they were new.
· Smart! The process won’t waste money reconfirming or reinventing the things you already know.
· Forward Thinking! Gathering and measuring data about things that have already happened is reactive. This process is proactive.
· Inquisitive! We all ask questions. We all ask the same questions. We rarely ask new questions. Afraid of looking dumb younger marketers won’t ask questions. Are we asking the right questions? When you ask questions you don’t get the voice of the consumer you get the voice of the inquirer through the question being asked, a form of bias that will lead you astray.
· Time Saving! A career’s worth of experience can be had in six weeks - much less than a lifetime.
· Patents! Deliverables are proprietary, not syndicated. There are no contracts. No retainers. No obligations for free proposals.
· Pragmatic! We don’t believe the words “SELL” and “SUIT” are 4-letter words.
· Work Ethic! DDT® proven faster and less expensive than any other business development activity. It gets things done.
· Commitment! Few people are pragmatic top line right brain creative thinkers. They need the help of our proven Abstract Dimensioning® and Multi-Dimensional Creativity® stimuli materials to jump start innovation.
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