Monday, April 09, 2007

Clutter Polution Solution

Oh my God. Stop pointing fingers. When you do, remember that three fingers are pointing back at you. If you want to create effective ads that people pay attention to you must stop asking questions and start stimulating consumer minds with 10,000 product potentials offered by my firm. It will give you far greater learning latitude than you've ever peviously enjoyed! Why stop asking questions?

1)By the time you ask a question, it's too late. It's already happened and you are a step behind the consumer - that's what bores them - you are reactive.

2)Most Americans never went to college - your ads are above them, or beneath them - but because you are an expert, and they are not, it's hard to hit the target when you don't know where it is.

3)Rip a page out of sales training. When you are new at sales you do great, because you are new and enthusistic - then you become an expert and go into a slump - happens all the time. Net net. Too many "experts" make ads.
Why else should you start stimulating minds and slashing budgets with IRI, BASES, NIELSEN, etc.?
4)It’s faster and less expensive than gathering and analyzing data.
5)Consumer attention spans are shorter than 500-word USA today articles.
6)It gives everyone so much more to talk about than what they already know.
7)It’s proactive, not reactive - you create exceptions that become the rules.
8)It won’t reiterate the things you already know.
9)It sets sights beyond needs, segmentation, product features, functions or benefits.
10)It defeats commoditization.
11)It turns mature earnings brands and companies back into rapid growth businesses.
12)It focuses consumers on your objective, not their fears, worries and suspicions.
13)It increases consumer’s attention span. Dollars become more effective.
14)The yields are fresh, not soft and too ripe to ship to market.
15)Results are proprietary not syndicated.
16)No other company does this.

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dust said...

You should receive a prize for writing such an entertaining article. Or at least a well deserved round of applause.