Friday, March 02, 2007

Taco Hell: Rodent Video Signals New Era in PR Crises

Don't they eat rats on sticks in Thailand, live monkey brains in Japan, dogs in China? This just yanks our cultural chain.

The people at Taco Bell Restaurants, and at YUM BRANDS go to work today, the same way they did yesterday, and expect different results - same way as everyone does at The Home Depot - but there they paid CEO Bob Nardelli $210 million to retire! We're OK with rats. They're a natural part of the NYC landscape - found in all the best restaurants - and in the worst. Like President Richard Nixon, the only problem is - Taco Bell got caught. No wonder Yum Brands Does Little Even as Rats Spread Across Web, TV. See the Video. Will these pets receive their talent payment from the ad agency? Monolo just loves those little shoes! CLICK HERE!

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