Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rapid Relief From Ordinary Marketing

Every marketing expert tells you you have to have a strategy. But they don't tell you how to get one. Advertising's in the dark ages. Positioning's in the ice age. And every "expert" derives their strategy using the same tools - promoting commoditization and darts thrown in the direction of "creativity" in hopes of attracting elusive consumer ears and eyeballs. So where did your product's current positioning strategy come from? Your CEO, your CMO, your VP Marketing; or did you merely inherit it when you adopted, or were promoted to your own "position?" Do you have faith in the maxim that you do it because that's the way we've always done it in the past? Are you afraid to do anything different because someone in advertising said that messages have to be consistent? RUBBISH and BUNK. Check out our web site. At least we tell you how to find a cure for commoditization. And don't believe those who tell you that others do the same thing. We've checked out the competition. If they did what we did you'd find our words on their web site. But you won't because they don't. Also check out Ad Age Writer Jonah Bloom on the advertising industry's lack of big ideas. They're simply seeking ways of saying the obvious creatively. That won't engage consumers, move the needle, all that rot you know. Now that's what blogs are for. Opinion!

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