Thursday, September 28, 2006

Martin Calle on Social Media & Social Marketing

Professionally and personally, I have some thoughts I'd like to share on Social Media and Social Marketing. Let me know what you think.
One: Marketers will always thirst for consumer ears and eyeballs wherever they can be found, hence marketers divert ever increasing sums from traditional to "new media."
Two: The number one fear in America is, guess what? Public speaking. Not only do we fear talking to other live human beings, we have blogs to use to express our "true feelings" to others. Isn't the irony of that sick? I always thought that had to be done face to face. If we don't perfect that craft our society's next step is underground with the Morlocks. Step into the sun and talk to someone face to face! Otherwise, what form of "introvert" will social media produce? We use the computer to learn and to communicate while advertisers interupt us, but do we also use the contrivance of television and the internet to escape "physical" contact and communication? No. E-harmony success stories do not disarm my fears.

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