Thursday, September 07, 2006

Daniel Letranova: Innovation & Multiculturalism

Daniel Letranova posts interesting thoughts on connections between innovation and multiculturalism: that innovation is strengthened by the influence of outside mix.

In writing, Daniel said: I saw your post on the BusinessWeek Nussbam blog and wanted to send you a link to my blog. I'm focusing on the area where Innovation and User Experience overlaps. I'm convinced that the future of innovation lies in multi-culturalism and this is why I have begun to publish my blog in English, Spanish and French. I studied P&G from afar and wrote a book that covered it among the other companies that were featured in the BusinessWeek article, (April 24, 2006), where they nominated the World's Most Innovative Companies. The book is called Innovation Strategies of the worlds most innovative companies.

Thanks Daniel. I have worked with the companies you've studied, now recognized as the world's most innovative companies, for 60 years - providing rich, robust and proprietary consumer innovation insights. My take on multiculturalism and innovation is tied to genetic principles. Whenever you cross two of anything that are most unalike, you produce stronger offspring than if you had crossed two that are very alike. Opposites attract. And Calle & Company's culture is very unlike the firms mentioned. Maybe that is our appeal. I never asked.


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