Sunday, February 03, 2008

Microsoft + Yahoo = Sears + K-Mart

Obviously, Steve Balmer has so much money he's forgotten how to find, or make a good deal. Need I say more? Once again proof that what companies once did with brain (out market Google with positioning that causes more people to choose Yahoo) they now do with brawn (mergers & acquisitions). Where is the finesse in business anymore?

Result of merger? A new business called 'SoftWho'? 'YawnSoft'?
Steve Balmer. Sit down for lack of creative thinking. This move about as inspiring as HP's Carly Fiorona buying Compaq when everyone knew there was no money in the hardware end of the PC business. Even the manufacturers let the retailers spend the ad dollars to drive the brands. But Carly ignored that too - if she even ever knew it.
Microsoft + Yahoo = Sears + K-Mart

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