Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Micro-wits Working Their Way Up To Full Idiot

Here's a survey for you. I just received an Advertising Age Magazine e-mail poll asking me if I thought the merger of Microsoft and Yahoo would change my life. IDIOTS! No, half-wits, working their way up to full idiot.

I say again...Microsoft + Yahoo = Sears + K-Mart. The name of the new company will be "MicroSearch." Nothing about Microsoft or Yahoo's positioning strategies compel me to fix the problem of changing my consumer habit and practice of using Google, and switching to them. This is not one of those Field of Dream's "If you build it they will come" mergers. There once was a time when marketers did change consumer habits and practices with brain, what they now can't do with brawn; believing instead that 'the lazy man's sell' of direct mail promotions, social and behavior marketing (along with traditional) will effect the desired transformation in consumer usage. But it just ain't so. Congratulations. You were just promoted to full idiot Steve.

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