Sunday, July 15, 2007

Look, No Hands! K-C's Bathroom of the Future

No slight intended but here's Richard Thorne, director of the washroom business at K-C, demonstrating the JRT Electronic Coreless. Ho hum. This is all so boring. Marketers such as P&G are looking for real lifechanging experiences to catalog as innovations and add to their new brand portfolio. If you were Kohler for example, you'd wonder how Americans would use the restroom in the future if their were no such thing as a toilet bowl or tank - hence no need for paper. Voices in the bathroom, 400 mph blow dryers and automatic paper dispensers just push the obvious to the nth degree. And no, the answer does not rest with moist toilet tissue. Exploration in perianal hygiene and moist tissue has been around since well before Tom Hatch and Mennen 36 years ago. Ho hum. How would we use the restroom if we were not allowed to use paper. Now THAT would lead to a lifechanging innovation! Would K-C be afraid to look under that rock?