Monday, July 02, 2007

Interpublic's Turnaround Effort Suffers Pair of Major Blows

Give a stew assignment to an advertising agency and the agency will extoll stew's features and benefits a hundred different ways (calling them campaignable ideas and USPs - Unique Selling Propositions). Give Calle & Company a stew and you get The Soup You Eat With A Fork. Chunky Soup was stew - positioned as a soup - and that's the difference between agency creativity and Calle & Company's definition of a product's Special User Effects ®.
For 100 years, companies and products have focused attention on features and benefits, the lowest common denominator, turning today's brands into commodities, contributing to clutter and inefficient advertising. Abstract Dimensioning ®, Calle & Company's proven comprehensive, trademarked process for the definition of a product's Special User Effects ® defines far more effective and consumer-desired new product and product positioning directions. The company's proven Consumer-Creative ® methodology exhaustively exposes consumer minds to the existence of over 10,000 Product Potentials ® - instantly stretching minds to expand a product's audience, reach and appeal. This Multi-Dimensional Creativity ® is homework unavailable from market research departments, product design, marketing, or advertising agency gurus and leads to the instant consumer creation of new and highly consumer-desired directions.

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