Thursday, October 05, 2006

Execs: Integration Key to Boosting Traffic, Sales

According to Steve Grubbs, CEO of Omnicom Group's PHD USA on Marketing Vox.

I say nothing beats a great positioning. In the never ending quest for always-on-the-move consumer ears and eyeballs, positioning" remains the most highly under-utilized tool by manufacturers, marketers and their advertising agencies. Some may disagree. Yes, we know, you do have the best positioning since sliced bread. But taking a parity position and spreading the butter to new media won't make amends for companies such as GM or Ford and "me-too" product line positioning strategies. Gone, lost or forgotten is the art of taking a stew in a can and spinning it into "the soup you eat with a fork" for Chunky Soup, or taking a woman's cigarette and uniting it with the image of a cowboy.

Then again, if you make a positioning that works too well, you spend less money with your ad agency. That would be counter productive don't you think.

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