Monday, October 09, 2006

Cocaine - The Energy Beverage

Memo to: ReDux Beverages, LV, NV - Have you ever seen rats on sugar water in a cage with a wheel? They run themselves to exhaustion, and death. Your target audience may be "informed" but still, most lack the discipline required to avoid your product. Have you ever heard the saying, "Hurry up and hire the teen ager before they forget they already know everything." How do you sleep at night? Why don't you just peddle porn?

My comments: Few. Deserves: None. Buzz: Zero ... And it will go away.
But what do I really think?
Assessment 1)
Clever name. Nice package, but incorrect delivery system. My sources tell me you are supposed to use a straw.
Assessment 2)
Vice package. Gangster name, but let's see how the distribution pipeline votes. Do they have a conscience, or are they just in it for the money, like any pimp.
Assessment 3)
Maybe they should just put a sugar powder in a straw and sell it to kids like a penny-candy. Yes, kids are "informed." You know the marketing maxim about "hooking 'em while they're young." I call it "environmental conditioning." Is this grounds for a law suit?
This is the wrong kind of social marketing.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they should package it with a straw, ala WD-40.