Monday, August 10, 2009

General Motors Launches The MonteMaro

With the adolescent that good looks lacking the sophisticated styling most of the market seeks and expects today General Motors once again misses the mark with the new Camaro - a throwback to what looks like a combination of the uber salesman's rental Monte Carlo and the Duke's of Hazard's Dodge Challenger. When will GM ever pay attention to seminal research done on its behalf wherein consumers said, "I want a car that says smart things about me." The new Camaro it isn't. GM products are still fulfilling consumer perceptions that, "Their products look like they're 10 years old before they're even new!" Where are the "drifters" that would at least tell Japanese auto execs to look out and maintain a low profile? Pony cars like that category still alive? Nissan just repositioned a segment of its business as "MOBILE DEVICES." Now that's KEWL! Who's in charge of mobile devices at GM - or do we still think that title pertains only to cell phones, text messaging and On-Star?

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