Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Presidential Candidates, George Bush, Avoid Gas Price Issue

Why do the US Presidential Candidates avoid any discussion of hemorraging gas prices? Why are we paying $4 per gallon so the Sultan of Dubai can build an island and the world's tallest buildings just off his gulf's coast? You think he's paying for it? No! We are!

Why are Americans directed and misdirected to purchase a Toyota Prius when in reality there is no gas shortage, just behind the scenes manipulations to facilitate middle east finances at the expense of American pawn citizens? You know that as soon as George Bush leaves office the price of gas will drop back to $2 a gallon. Or are Hillary and Obama making back room deals with the middle east too?

Is this the reason The White House offers no "Ask The White House" or "White House Interactive" links to gas issues on their email links page? Certainly they know we as citizens are edgy about gas prices. Has The White House told the candidates to stay away from the issue? What middle east construction project deadlines coincide with the departure of George Bush from office?

Should we foment a revolution and start dumping tea into Boston Harbor at our local gas stations? Should we have a National 'Buy No Gas Today' Boycott? Why not? What would happen in the middle east? What would happen to US gas companies if one day a week for the next 12 weeks no one in America bought gas or paid a gas or oil bill? The gas companies are each profiting arount $40 billion per quarter right now. You know their Chairmen, Board Directors and Executive Managements know they have the world by the balls. How many of them are anticipating artificially driving the cost of a barrel of crude to $300 a barrel to further facilitate middle east expansion plans while they profit $100 billion a quarter per company. Hell, Why stop there? Is a trillion dollars a quarter out of reach for an artificially gas-starved world? Hey, it pays to think big. Better wake up America! A Prius is no where near the answer. We need a gas revolution. We don't need to talk about peace in the middle east. The issue is deals in the middle east at the expense of the American consumer. Danger Will Robinson, is just beneath the surface.


Unknown said...

Taking the boycott one step further. Stay home from work. Open the eyes of American business to the issue. maybe they'll ponder the 'work from home concept' Maybe they'll realize that VPN works. We know that one day of reduced consumption won't hurt big oil, but they will realize that the pawns are amassing. What will we do next? Let me know how we can amass.

Anonymous said...

It's simple; greed. Never elect an oil man as president.

He had to steal the first election. What happened to the American's that they had to go and relect him?

Never put a man in office who owes his allegiance to corporate America.

Gas prices will never go down as long as Bush is in office. The oil companies say they don't have enough refineries. Don't you all think as fat as their pockets are getting off of these sky rocketing oil prices that they can afford to build more refineries?

Wise up.

Debbie Brinkworth
Louisville, KY

Anonymous said...

So what is your line now with gasoline well under $2 a gallon?

Bush is still in office!!

H. Martin Calle said...

Four dollar a gallon gas was the Bush family oil interest's last gasp grasp at a windfall profit while sonny boy was still in office. The American citizen was once again played like a pawn. If you are a conspiracy theorists, four dollar a gallon gas may have also been the Bush administration's last chance to generate oil profit spikes for middle eastern allies to fund (for example) Dubai construction projects in exchange for their support of US policies. It's so easy to make friends when you give them gobs of cash. There are always those kinds of back channel deals going on at the expense of the US citizen. Some of this filtered of course through oil companies. What in the hell do they do with all that money when they profit $20-$40 billion per quarter? That's $80 - $160 billion in profit per year; more than enough to finance a small country, a small war or regime.